Graphic Design Certificate NYC

Graphic Design Certificate NYC

Graphic Design Certificate NYC: Course Description

Work on real design projects to hone your skills and build your portfolio. 

  • Design Tools: Edit and retouch photos in Photoshop, make vector graphics in Illustrator, and layout documents in InDesign.
  • Design Skills: Learn about composition, typography, design theory, and other fundamental graphic design concepts.
  • Expand Your Portfolio: Work on real projects like social media graphics, logos, and cover art to be able to share your skills with clients or employers.

Prerequisite: This certificate program is open to beginners. 

A computer and the appropriate software are provided for classes in our classroom location.

This course is delivered in partnership with Noble Desktop, a leading design and coding school in NYC with over three decades of experience.

Contact us for more information about this program.

COVID-19 Note: All New York classes will be held live online until June 30, 2020. Participants can retake the course in-person within a year. Upon registration, we will assist with any required setup. 


Please call 800-851-9237 to schedule this training course.

Contact AGI to request course dates.

Graphic Design Certificate NYC: Overview

  • Adobe InDesign Bootcamp
  • Adobe Photoshop Bootcamp
  • Adobe Illustrator Bootcamp
  • Graphic Design Bootcamp

This program is suitable for beginners. No prior graphic design experience is required.

You will receive a comprehensive graphic design workbook from our expert instructors for review and supplementary learning.

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