HTML Email Class in Boston on July 10, 2020 HTML Email Training

HTML Email Training Class

Fri, Jul 10 2020
9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
American Graphics Institute
AGI Training Boston
American Graphics Institute AGI Training Boston
120 Presidential Way
Woburn MA 01801

2012-05-01 12:48:37 $495.00

This HTML email training class is for anyone that needs to create or manage HTML email campaigns. Topics covered in this HTML email class include planning, compliance, best practices, as well as actual coding techniques for making certain your HTML email displays as intended and reaches your audience.

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HTML Email Training Class Topics Covered

Module 1: Introduction to HTML email

  • Understanding the importance of creating effective HTML email
  • Overcoming the reputation
  • Discovering different types of email communication
  • Discovering the opportunity for web designers

Module 2: Planning an HTML email campaign

  • Planning Is essential
  • Meeting the client
  • Setting goals
  • Measuring success of an HTML email
  • Planning your content

Module 3: Designing HTML email for the Inbox

  • Understanding the need for design
  • Designing HTML email vs. Plain text email
  • Examples of HTML emails that work

Module 4: Coding HTML emails

  • Understanding HTML code basics
  • Creating an HTML email template
  • Styling text, background, and images
  • Understanding CSS limitations in HTML email
  • HTML email technologies
  • Testing HTML emails
  • HTML email template resources

Module 5: Understanding Permission when sending HTML email

  • Discovering the importance of permission
  • Understanding spam
  • Understanding permission versus spam
  • Getting relevant
  • Addressing spam complaints
  • Identifying client permission
  • Understanding blacklists, whitelists, and sender reputation
  • Understanding authentication
  • Considerations for permission and the future of email

Module 6: Using HTML email to promote, sell and inform

  • Promotion via HTML email
  • Selling with HTML email
  • Informing with email